Any traveller developing a fever that lasts more than a few days should have prompt medical treatment and should be screened for malaria. If you have been given anti-malaria medicines it is important that you continue to take the medication for four weeks after a possible exposure to ensure the infection has run its course and the medicines have taken effect. Visit your doctor well in advance of travelling and ask whether you need anti-malaria medicines. Take protective clothing with you, as well as mosquito repellents and mosquito nets to place over your bed. If you follow these precautions you are unlikely to encounter any problems.

Some useful web sites
From the World Health Organisation

Tips from the Malaria Foundation International on how to avoid malaria on your travels

Lost luggage

Losing your luggage when flying is one of the most irritating and inconvenient aspects of air travel and dreaded by most passengers. Usually the cause is due to luggage being put on a different flight to your own, so whilst you’re waiting in London your suitcase is on its way to New York.
In most cases, the airline will return any errant luggage to you within 24 hours, as long as you report the missing bags straight away, but occasionally your suitcases can be truly lost.
If the airline can find no trace of your bags, you need to file a claim. Depending on the airline, you generally have between 21 and 45 days in which to file the claim although it is advisable to do this before leaving the airport, if possible. You will be asked to provide a list of the items that were in your suitcases, plus when and where they were bought and how much they cost. It is vital that you retain a copy of the claim as waiting to be reimbursed could take a long time. It is also worth keeping in mind that there is usually a limit to the amount that can be claimed for the loss of luggage and this varies in different countries. Airlines are not liable for jewellery, cameras, money, business documents and fragile or perishable goods so it is important that you obtain additional insurance for such items.

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